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Erin Kelly, Ph.D.

Research interests: Integrated health care and treatment of serious mental illness; institutional responses to violence; contemporary public mental health policy.

Research Overview

Erin Kelly received her PhD from the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine in 2012. During her graduate career, she focused on how various public institutions dealt with mental illness and violence in the community (e.g., domestic violence) and within institutions (e.g., prisons and mental hospitals). She was interested in both providers and recipients of care in these contexts as they can have reciprocal influences on each other.

Erin Kelly CV


Paula Helu Fernandez, PhD
Professional and research interests: Latinos diagnosed with serious mental illnesses by addressing different concerns in Culture-specific treatment of serious mental illnesses, such as disclosure, use of psychotropic medication, acculturation, sexuality and quality of life, and family involvement in treatment.

Paula Helu Fernandez’s CV